History Through Our Eyes

History Through Our Eyes

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History Through Our Eyes Photos of People and Events That Shaped 20th Century Montreal by Edie Austin and Lucinda Chodan is a day-at-a-time look back at the 20th century through the lenses of Montreal’s news photographers.
The striking photographs are drawn from the archives of the Montreal Gazette, one of North America’s longest-publishing daily newspapers. They include iconic images from the Gazette as well as some photographs from the Montreal Herald, the Montreal Star and the Standard. While the photographs are the focus of this volume, the texts that accompany them tell the story of one of North America’s most fascinating and news-intensive cities.

9x12", 200 pages. Published by Véhicule Press. Shipped by Expedited Canada Post. admin@vehiculepress.com

Edie Austin is the editorial page editor, and Lucinda Chodan is editor in chief at the Montreal Gazette.

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